Warm Blooded People, Mom.

Willow squeezed my face close to hers and whistled a high screech through her teeth :

“Warm blooded people, Mom!”

It blew me away. 

Warm-blooded people, Willow. I said back to her.

She wiggled and kicked her busy body around on the couch and I tried to avoid another blow to my chest by leaning backwards.

“You are warm-blooded because you love me!” She swung her arms intensely to signify this big love.

I do love you, I said. 

“Cold blooded people,” Her body, like some old steam engine stopped as she stared intensely into the living room. 

“Cold blooded people don’t love me.”

What do you mean, Willow? I said. I think everyone loves you. 

She buried her face into the couch and using both her legs  kicked that thought like a mule backwards.

“Some kids,” she whispered,  “some of them are cold blooded.”

Author: wylerwendy

I’m a mom of a boy and girl on the spectrum— sharing the good and the hard of our journey.

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